Having a wedding or event? Many people have heard about singing waiters but it continues to completely catch out guests and adds those memorable moments.

Our Singing waiters completely blend in with the staff at your venue, whether it be working with the bar, caterers or general hotel odd jobs. After some time when the moment is right, they will burst into performance by completely surprising your guests who they have been serving or speaking to throughout the day.

The ideas can be as formal or as whacky as you like. Comedy falls, alternative canapes, or Disney songs have all been part of our singing waiter routines and any other ‘out there’ ideas are always welcome!

We have several singing waiters options available. Solo vocalists, acoustic guitarists / singers, or even an acoustic & beatboxing duos or trios to wow your guests.

A typical singing waiters package would includes the amazing vocalists who perform on the day as well as an additional person in the background who seamlessly cuts the music and cues the music and microphones for maximum impact. No-one suspects a thing and before you know it you have guests dancing and singing along with the fun with our top quality singers and musicians.

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